Karen Dente, M.D.

Functional Medicine in Paris
Nutritionist + Plant-based treatment approach

Karen Dente, M.D., Functional Medicine in Paris

"Suppression of innate knowledge is one of medicine's unfortunate tendencies"  Dr. Ganor Maté  the Myth of  Normal 


Do you have problems with fertility, chronic fatigue, excess weight, digestive troubles, chronic urinary infections or recurring tonsil infections? Are you or your children troubled by skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema? 

I work with children and their parents as well, when there is evidence of repeated infections (ORL), eczema or emotional hyperactivity disorders, which can often be resolved with diet. I love working with women to help with long-standing premenstrual disturbances such as migraines during or around menstruation or mood disorders days before? Are you in your 40s and going through a pre-run of menopause with your cycles changing in duration and other symptoms related to this particular phase in your life? I use plants that can help rebalance and lessen these symptoms and ease women into menopause.

My practice has a strong emphasis on healthy nutrition, both macro and micronutrition, preferably with whole foods and food supplements (the latter temporarily only when necessary) in addition to phytotherapy in a personalized approach (see endobiogeny explained on my website). I help uncover often unknown food intolerances that can be linked to autoimmune disorders to developing later down the road when there is a familial genetic risk or a viral infection in the past that may have triggered it. 

One of my areas of focus is consulting individuals or couples coping with explained or unexplained infertility, also after repeated failures with IVF treatment, or in preparation for or in parallel to IVF treatments. I uncover hidden possible causes underlying the proposed sub fertility, such as long-standing known or unknown autoimmune disorders, and try to support the body to heal via the intestine by reducing inflammation. I work with a network of other healers and orient my patients towards these if necessary, including acupuncturists specialised in fertility.  

Initial and follow-up consultations are offered both in person or per Skype at a distance, if prior is not possible due to lack of proximity. Follow Up consultation and ongoing coaching sessions usually are conveniently offered over the phone or skype, following an initial in-depth in-person consultation, preferably.

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