Consultation in Fertility in Paris

I specialize in helping support couples after failed attempts at IVF or in preparation to IVF (and in parallel) to improve chances of having a healthy baby.

Besides  macronutrition, I advise couples struggling with infertility in micronutrition (or food supplements) when necessary. Food supplements can be useful in instances of preparation for IVF or conception for a short period of time in cases of depletion and to help assure the quality of production of gametes , spermatozoids and ovocytes, prior to conception in most infertile couples.

I work with superfoods such as spirulina, maca, chlorella to complement the nutritional needs for a future life.

There is likely no other period in life as peri-conception where the construction of the foundation of a new life is laid down, that is so crucial to nourish the body well, as research has shown how vital this period of time is for the next generation and beyond. It takes 3 months to prepare for a pregnancy at least, and I guide couples along this journey whether they are not considering IVF or egg donation or have one through many failed attempts over years to uncover aspects that traditional medical approach seems to leave out. I work with IVF specialists in Paris and prepare patients for better outcomes, and work with paramedical healers such as acupuncturists with this specialty of focussing on guiding patients through a successful pregnancy.  

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