What to expect from a Session

What to expect from a Session

A first consultation usually takes between one hour and one hour-and-a-half.

During this session I will take time to get to know you and your personal health history going back through time, to help determine the further course of treatment.

Further sessions can take the form of several coaching sessions of 50 minutes to 1 hour every two weeks or once a month over a determined period of time, depending on your needs and specific condition. These coaching sessions can take place in person or over distance by phone or skype.

My approach is usually multipronged and encompasses a work-up and diagnosis that is based a lot on oral medical history, past medical analyses, further testing when necessary, and personal examination.

I believe in supporting the individual in their self-healing capacities over time and giving a chance to the body to heal itself with the gentle support of natural remedies found in nature that boost the innate physiology and functioning of each person, including whole foods as a medicinal key ingredient.

My approach is close to that of functional medicine practitioners in the United States. I also subscribe to the research and healing approaches of deceased French Immunologist and Physician Dr. Jean Seignalet and his successful treatment of many autoimmune disorders with a hypotoxic diet.

Teleconsultation for individuals and couples

For booking either an in-person session or a teleconsultation contact me by writing directly  via this contact page or by call / sms  +33/(0)624685011 .

I also have some Saturday sessions open.

 Please call me prior to the session so I can explain what to bring and expect from the first session which will run 1 hour minimum.

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