Schedule an Appointment with Karen Dente, M.D.

Schedule an Appointment with Karen Dente, M.D. Functional Medicine in Paris

Teleconsultation by video

For a teleconsultation please contact me directly via this contact site or phone so we can discuss appointment time and payment method.  Please don’t hesitate to send me an sms or call me directly  +33/(0)0624685011 if you have any further questions. You can check my available online agenda on doctolib and book a session, but do follow up by sms and phone call with me prior to the session. 

Prices vary depending on what your are looking for, whether as an individual or a couple around conception, a first in depth initial consultation, a follow-up, or a package of multiple coaching sessions all of which I offer.  Do not hesitate to call me for clarification.  A consultation ranges between 100 euros and 175 euros, depending on the type of  consultation.

In-Person Appointment

 I am offering distance consultations as well as in person

To find out more about my approach, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

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