Phytotherapy (endobiogeny) in Paris

In my approach with phytotherapy, also known as endobiogeny,  I make use of the benefits of plants and their complexities to treat hormonal imbalances and support individuals in the physiological functioning specific to their nature. This draws on the ancient knowledge such as in ancient India known as ayurveda as much as our western knowledge of herbs and their centuries of known properties in healing. Adaptogenic plants such as Rhodiola rosea, Ashwaganda, and Astralagus membranaceus are just a few known so called adaptogenic plants that can help us boost our cortisol responses to stress and help us adapt to face environmental stressors. 

There are many plants that have known effects during pregnancy and in the period following birth that midwives have passed along form generation to generation that are still useful but modern medicine echews them as they have not been rigorously tested in the way modern medicines have, since there is no vested interest in funding such costly and laborious studies. It is so potent when these phytotherapeutic approaches are applied to the individual, that is it exciting to be working with patients and offering them advice like brewing a specific tea that can have such wide reaching efficacy.


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