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"Highly recommend as holistic care and guidance all around"

By Lara A.

"My sessions with Karen were a lot more than just sessions of guidance about healthier eating choices, but were also sessions where I found myself comfortable to share anything that had been bothering me at the time, in order to work towards a better emotional well-being (which in turn manifested itself as better physical well-being too). This is a great example of holistic care that I highly recommend. Karen helped me at a time when I really needed some assistance with setting new healthy habits just after I had moved from abroad; starting a new life in a new workplace. I received helpful guidance on grocery shopping, recipe ideas, skin-care routines and even advice on therapeutic writing habits to acquire a more balanced life at times when I felt stressed and overwhelmed by the lack of control I was feeling. I highly recommend Karen’s coaching as she is a great listener and a great teacher too."

"IVF Success after previously failed attempts"

By Gerard

I consulted Doctor Dente before starting the stimulation protocol for my 3rd IVF treatment. My Obgyn had just diagnosed the reasons for my infertility: endometriosis and a slightly overactive thyroid condition. I wanted to put all chances on my side to improve the quality of my ovocytes (eggs) and combat the pain linked to my endometriosis. I also wanted to regain a certain quality of life since I had a lot of bloating and had gained a lot of weight from the prior ovarian stimulations. After starting coaching with Dr Dente and following her advice, bit by bit, integrating some adaptations progressively, I began to lose weight within a few weeks, I was no longer bloated, my digestion was improved greatly, and I also regained confidence in my body. I felt ideally prepared for IVF treatment number 3, which finally resulted not only in less fatigue than previously, but in a successful pregnancy and baby after previously failed attempts !

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