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"Very good doctor"

By Kimberly Shephard

Dr. Dente has been a real treasure for me in my health journey. I began working with her in the hopes of identifying the root cause of some health concerns that I have had for many years. The results - AMAZING. I immediately felt very comfortable to share many deeply personal things with her as she is warm, caring and a wonderful listener. As an added bonus, beyond the achievement of my positive mental state, I have lost 9 kilo! I highly recommend her for anyone who has been struggling with health concerns and is seeking to find the cause rather than just treating the symptoms. A huge THANK YOU, Dr. Dente - I appreciate YOU.

"Absolutely amazing and highly recommend for a holistic care"

By Jacqueline

I’ve been consulting Dr Dente to improve my diet and health. She was able to provide insightful feedback with a helpful program after very thorough analysis. She listens and truly cares about her patients. Thanks to her, I’ve even healed faster after some post-surgery complications. Dr Dente was so caring and amazing during that time, that she ensured that I would get the adequate natural remedy to help my recovery. I can’t thank her enough for helping me during this ordeal. Truly a wonderful person and highly recommend her.

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