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"A transformative discovery of a dairy intolerance (and more)"

By Jennifer

I started seeing Dr Dente for help with fertility (long cycles, irregular ovulation) and digestive issues. Thanks to comprehensive testing, she was able to help me eliminate problematic foods (I have a dairy intolerance that I didn't know about) and add specific supplements, teas and oils to address my specific needs and achieve my goals. Over the past few months, I have noticed a significant difference. I never realized how bloated I was because it was just my "normal" state, but now, I feel so much more comfortable from eliminating dairy. My cycles are starting to regulate (still some ways to go, but there is significant progress), and my periods are lighter and much less painful. While I am not yet pregnant, I feel that I am definitely on the right path!


By Tony

Usually when one thinks of a Doctor in the Good classical sense, you imagine someone who is caring, takes the time to listen to you and works with you to find a solution to improve your health and quality of life. Out of all the doctors and specialists I have seen over the past 2 years, Karen checks all these boxes. She has a really pleasant office too. I highly recommend her care.

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