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"Absolutely amazing and highly recommend for a holistic care"

By Jacqueline

I’ve been consulting Dr Dente to improve my diet and health. She was able to provide insightful feedback with a helpful program after very thorough analysis. She listens and truly cares about her patients. Thanks to her, I’ve even healed faster after some post-surgery complications. Dr Dente was so caring and amazing during that time, that she ensured that I would get the adequate natural remedy to help my recovery. I can’t thank her enough for helping me during this ordeal. Truly a wonderful person and highly recommend her.

"My go-to doctor for maintaining optimal health"

By Trish

Dr. Dente is one the most comprehensive, diligent and empathic doctors I've ever consulted. Her integrative approach to my migraines and anxiety delves deep into the root of the issue to not just treat the symptoms but the cause in a natural manner. I think it's so important to not just see a doctor when symptoms occur, but before they do in a preventative manner. I will be consulting Dr. Dente for years to come to ensure my body is in balance, and I highly recommend her for anyone (with or without symptoms!) who wants to ensure optimal health. She's a wonderful and thorough doctor!

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